Terms of Service

These are the rules and guidelines you must agree to before commissioning me (VoraciousRose) to produce an art work in accordance with your specifications. This document will go over everything you need to know when commissioning me such as approaching me professionally, how to pay, how I conduct my work, and so on.
As the artist I reserve the right to refuse, accept, or cancel a commission for reasons such as harassment, disrespect, illegal activities, unprofessional attitude, or abuse from the commissioner.
This Terms of Service covers ALL services I offer. (Including Designs, Drawn and Written Commissions, YCHs, Icons, and Decals)


If you are under 18 years of age your commission will be subject to cancellation and you will be blacklisted from commissioning me in the future as well as reported to other artists in the community.
Most of my work is NSFW and 18+ therefore my content may not be appropriate for young audiences. If you are a parent of a child who views my content, I can not be held responsible for how your child uses the internet, it’s your job as a parent to ensure they don’t find adult material.

Approaching Me for Commissions

Please start by submitting a Commission Application

I will not begin work until payment is received.
When giving information please use a very detailed description of what you would like (See this post for Commissioning Tips) . This saves time and makes things much easier on both parties.
Ensure you have the full payment available before agreeing to a commission.
After submitting a Commission Application all official commission messages must be done by e-mail or a private message system (ie Eka’s Portal, DeviantArt, FurAffinity or Hentai Foundry)
You MUST keep a form of messaging open to me so I can easily contact you in a timely manner. If for whatever reason you do not contact me in a timely manner you may not get a slot during the current commission rotation and will have to re-submit your idea during the next open commission period.


After confirming a commission idea you will be given your price and I will ask you to confirm you Paypal address again and send you an invoice. Once you receive the invoice please pay within 24 hours of the invoice being sent otherwise your commission will be denied until next open commission period. Once the payment is accepted and cleared I will begin work.
I accept Paypal only.
All Paypal fees are to be handled by the commissioner. No longer will I handle the fees. I will give you the price with Paypal fee included before sending you an invoice.
REFUNDS ARE NOT AVAILABLE. Once a commission is finalized and paid for there will be no refunds.
Partial Payments – For commissions over $100 I will now offer payment plans. With payment plans I will only work on the piece depending on how much you have paid thus far. I will not finish the commission until payment has been fully made.

Commission Queue

Once I have confirmed your commission and received payment I will add you to my list of commissions. This list shows everyone’s commission progress which I update as I work.
Commissions take time.

Please note that while this is my full time job, I do have several factors that may hinder my work on occasions. I suffer from sever Depression, Anxiety, Arthritis, and severe IBS, so I get very sick sometimes and end up unable to even pull myself from bed. These may put a damper on my drawing sometime so please be patient with me.
If you MUST have a piece by a certain date I can work something out with you, however they may be an additional rush fee if it is needed any sooner than 2 weeks from ordering.

I will message you a sketch of your commission once I have completed it for you to look over and ask for changes.
You will be given 1 FREE Rendition, meaning if anything needs changing you can request a change ONCE for no extra charge. Any renditions after the first will need to be paid for so please make sure you are specific about what you do not like that needs changing. ONCE YOU APPROVE THE SKETCH NO CHANGES CAN BE MADE!
At this point you may request that I send you the commission after Flat Coloring it so you can approve the colors as well. THIS OFFER IS ONLY AT REQUEST! After the sketch I will finish the remainder of the commission up to what you have paid for. You will receive your final work with no water mark and then I will upload a watermarked version to my art websites, UNLESS THE COMMISSION IS PRIVATE.

Private Commissions

You may request that your commission be private. Meaning I will not post it online anywhere. However keep in mind that I rely on uploading my work to bring in new potential followers/customers so there will be a fee of 15% of the commission’s total price.
You MUST request privacy before I finish the piece as I usually upload my work as soon as I am finished. If you request privacy, you will not receive your commission until the privacy fee has been paid.

Livestreaming A Commission

As the artist I reserve the right to Livestream any of the commissions I receive, UNLESS you have a private commission.
You can set up a Public or Private Livestream event with me, however we will have to agree on a time that will be good for both of us. The Streaming Fee will be 25% of the total commission price.

Drive Thru Stream Commissions

Drive Thru Streams are instant gratification streams. Slots will be open the week of the stream and will close once full. By ordering a Drive Thru Commission, you agree to have your commission Livestreamed publicly on Picarto. Your commission will be drawn in stream. If I do not finish your commission in the first stream there will be a day in which remaining pieces will roll over, I will inform you of the exact day of roll over so you can be present. Once a Drive Thru Commission is paid for, like standard commissions, the idea cannot be changed or refunded unless I, VoraciousRose, choose to do so.
The Livestream date will be given at your time of payment as well as your place on the list. With that being said it is YOUR responsibility to be at the stream. I will NOT send approval sketches for Drive Thru Commissions! You should be present in stream to state any changes needing to be made. If you are not present in the Livestream and it is your turn, your commission will still be worked on and completed. No changes will be made to your Drive Thru Commission once coloring has begun.
Any changes you’d like made to the piece once finished will incur extra fees.


As stated above, I DO NOT give refunds. Once your art is paid for it is final UNLESS I, the Artist, have chosen to cancel it. I normally do not cancel a commission and if I do that means I have a HUGE emergency or there was a problem with you, the commissioner.

Copyright Information

You, the commissioner, retain rights to any character you ask me to draw. Characters that are not yours belong to their respective owners and will require permission from the owner for me to use, unless it is Fan Art. You may NOT make prints to sell for profit! You may NOT sell my work behind paywalls for profit!
You MAY upload the image to your personal gallery as long as you give credit and link to me as the artist of the piece.
I, as the artist, retain rights to the PIECE(S) I DREW containing your character. I may use the image for advertisement purposes and may post the image where I like (Unless the commission is private). I DO NOT own your character and WILL NOT use your character for anything other than the commission unless I receive your permission.
You MAY NOT alter the image without my permission. This included:
~ Adding your copyright information directly onto the image, unless credit for the work is given to me in the same place.
~ Altering the drawing itself. Such as editing poses, editing coloring, editing backgrounds, etc.
~ Cropping or erasing my signature (unless it is for icon use, and the commission is yours)
~ Coloring or paying another artist to color in my sketches or lineart without my permission.

Commission Application Form

Will Draw/Won’t Draw

Commission Prices