Tactical Stomach

A Present from Green_Glutton

Original Post

Rose was playing against an opponent online, on her computer then all of a sudden, Witchy sneaks up behind her and eats her whole, destroying her computer in the process. To bad becoming a meal isn’t her only problem. She has to worry about PC repairs and the match she just lost. The opponent was Greenery. Conspiracy!?


Android Maid Comic

This is a commission for Smiley of his character Android Maid sucking up a random male character I created and then started calling “Douche Bro”. He has such girly legs… He skipped leg day apparently XD

Anywho, thank you again for commissioning me Smiley, it was a pleasure :3


A Trip to The Mall Pg 2

FINALLY! The second page of “A Trip to The Mall”

This was finally able to become a reality all thanks to JanusofthePaleFlames

It’s been so long since I started this, heck a year ago in fact!

But anywho, thank you JanusofthePaleFlames for commissioning this! I hope you all enjoy this and I’m sorry you all had to wait so long, but for those of you who have been anticipating this, thanks for sticking around to finally see it.


Game Time Final

The final part to “Game Time” with Rose and Rich playing a game of Uno. Rose gets her butt kicked and being the sore loser she is… well… you know where I’m going with this.

Rehulk and Tyler are in the last panel.

Rehulk belongs to Rehulk
Rich belongs to PoorRichGal
Tyler belongs to blackgoblin-668
Rose belongs to Me
Socky belongs to Green-Glutton


Game Time!

A commission for the wonderful rehulk and PoorRichGal

Rose and Rich are ready to get their game on! Too bad ‘Game Time’ means completely different things to them.
Rich wants to watch Football while Rose would much rather play her video games.

So, where will it go from here?
That is for you all to decide!

That’s right, I will have an open poll for you all to vote for the outcome of this comic.


(If you do not have a DeviantART Account but would like to vote, please PM me what you would vote for! It MUST be one of the 4 choices otherwise it will not count!)

Chose wisely because you can only vote once! I will be counting the votes on Thursday, August 8th. So that gives you all 1 week!

Can’t wait to see what you all will choose!


Candy-Gram for Rich

Commission for rehulk and PoorRichGal.

Seems like Adelina thought Rich looked like a sweet piece of candy! I mean how could you not!? Rich is such a cutie!

Thanks for commissioning me again you guys, I appreciate all your support ^^


I have decided to keep this lamia as one of my OCs and have decided to name her Adelina (old German for Noble Serpent) I’ll be making a character page at some point, so until then, I hope you all enjoy her and are ready to see more of her in the future :3


Uncle Sam wants YOU…

… in his stomach :3

This is a commission for someone over on deviantART.

Rose belongs to me

Rich belongs to PoorRichGal

I had a fun time with this one. Rose and Rich are both wearing pretty tacky USA gear and must have caught the attention of dear Uncle Sam.

Happy 4th of July everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful day :3