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Did I mention pictures of my cat? He’s cute and fluffy and hoarding his face all to myself is a sin, so I share a lot about him. Even if he is a tiny asshole.



So, I have a lot of things to go over in this post about Patreon! Feel free to check out the updates here:

Firstly, I want to let everyone know that we’re now accepting Paypal as a payment option. I’ve chosen to do this as there are many people who have brought to my attention that they would like to pledge, however paypal was not available. We hope this will make our Patreon accessible to more people so they too can join in on the benefits and help us to reach our goals, opening up new Goal Tiers for us all to benefit from!

Second, I want to address the way I will start posting the content I have promised to you all.

Each month I will be compiling the HD Unwatermarked Versions, .PSD Files, and etc and I will package them all into Zip folders and email them each month to the Patrons. (I am also looking into an option of getting the things posted on a password protected page on my site in which I will release the password to people each month, and of course to limit pages, each quarter I will compile all posts into one big folder and release the passwords to those as well, just to keep things from becoming too cluttered on the site)

Third, I have added in a new prize for all tiers. Comic pages for “Adventures of Rose and Co.” I want this Patreon to do more than just help push me to be able to create more art, I want it to help back something bigger! That something will be the continuation of my old “Diaries of A Hungry Rose” only with a new take and turning them into comic strips. I may even decide to turn my previous “Diaries of A Hungry Rose” into a comic and continue writing it if we can get enough pledges!

Lastly, I have done visual updates to Patreon, Eka’s Portal, and The Official VoraciousRose Website. So be sure to check those out and tell me how you like the new layouts!

Anywho, sorry for the wall of text you guys, just wanted to give the updates to those who are interested!

Thank you guys for reading!

Love and Hugs,


I’m Backkkkk!

*Flops into internet bed*
I’m homeeeee!

Thank you guys for being so kind and understanding over this past little while and being patient with me taking some time away to collect myself.

So thank you to those of you who have stuck around during my hiatus and thank you to those of you who messaged me to check on me, you guys are too sweet ^^

But anywho, I’m back (as you all can see from my recent posts) and I’m getting back to work!

I hope to stream tomorrow to get back on track and back in the groove!

So be ready kiddies! Mama’s home!

(That was lame, I’m lame, I need to go to bed XD)

Love and Hugs,

Update – How The Funeral Went

I just wanted to take a moment to give you guys an update since people are messaging me to ask how things are going. I’ll just post it here for those who were curious.

We had the wake and funeral yesterday. It went… well… as good as those sorts of things can go I suppose.
I was doing rather well while people were coming in (the casket was closed so that helped), I was walking around with my Grandma helping her greet people. I got to see both of my uncles again. The older Uncle looks just like my Grandpa did before he got sick, his voice sounded like my Grandpa’s as well. He hadn’t seen me since I was about 6 years old and a lot has changed since then (obviously… since I’m now almost 23 years old) The younger Uncle (my favorite) hasn’t seen me in a good 4 years as he’s been moving and such but he was happy to see me and was pleased to see I was doing well. My Sister upset me quite a bit considering she brought her bitchy room mate with her and the two of them sat and ignored everyone while playing on their phones. (She also refused to talk to me, not sure why, must have been the fact that she was hanging out with Commander Cunt Face.)
Once the Priest arrived my grandma and I talked to him and let him know that I wanted to say a few words (In which I was the only person who spoke besides the Priest)

Mind you, this is the first funeral I’ve had a hand in… ever…

So we all sat down (I was front and center between my grandma and the younger Uncle), the Priest said some prayers and such (Grandpa was Catholic, so there were some Our Fathers and Hail Marys and some Bible verses) then I was invited up to speak.

Up until this point I was doing a good job at staying calm, choking back the tears and anxiety… Once I got up to the podium it felt like I was drowning and choking on the air. I thanked everyone for coming then had to take a long pause as attempted to collect myself, my thoughts, and my voice. My boyfriend said I looked like a deer in the headlights and like I had completely forgotten how to function and was struggling to figure it all out. I opened my mouth and said some things I can’t quite remember but I know they must have touched the people listening to me because I could see some people start to cry and my Grandma grabbed my Uncle’s hand (it was either my words or the fact that I was crying) I remember saying that “my Grandpa will not only live on in Heaven but he’ll live on in our hearts and through the stories we tell about him” and something along the lines of “my Grandpa had so much to teach me, but the most important thing was that it doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, all that matters is what you learn and as long as you’re learning then you’re living” those are really the only things I remember saying (or rather choking out between the pauses while trying to catch my voice)

After that I went to sit back down again and my Uncle and Grandma held my hands and told me I did good. Then of course the 3 of us got up again and were given hugs and kind words as everyone was exiting (some for the Funeral Procession) I only knew a hand full of the people who were hugging me but they all said I did well and told me they were sorry for my loss and that my Grandpa would be proud. My Sister and Commander Cunt Face gave my Grandma and Uncle a hug and walked right past me, ignored my existence, I guess they were too busy adjusting the rods up their asses.

My boyfriend and I rode in the Funeral Procession along with my Uncles, Grandma, Sister and Co., and another couple I didn’t know.

We got to the cemetery and there were 2 members of the Armed Forces there to greet us as my Grandpa was a Veteran. We came into the building and sat down (I was between my Uncle and Grandma once again) One of the men walked in and saluted my Grandpa’s casket as the other played the Military Taps outside. I heard my Uncle begin to cry beside me (This is the first time I had ever seen him cry) and grabbed his hand then my Grandma began to cry as well so I took her hand too. The other gentleman came in and they folded up the flag over my Grandpa’s casket and presented it to my Grandma.

After that we all exchanged hugs and then everyone went home. My boyfriend has stayed with me for the past few days to make sure I’m okay.
There was a lot of crying from me. I tried to keep it together while with my family, because (like my Uncle) I try to maintain that hard-ass exterior. I failed quite miserably.
But then again so did he, so I guess I’m not so ashamed.

Now I’m just spending my time wrapped in my crochet afghan that my Grandpa made for me when I was little. I needed to wake up and try to function today and thought this was probably my best motivation before I let myself go back to bed in the next hour or 2 (I need to fix my sleep schedule… now would probably be the best time since I’m super tired)

Anyway, thank you all for your kind words and blessings.
I miss you all and I look forward to hopefully being well enough to stream for you guys again soon.

And please, don’t worry about me. I know I’ve had some pretty bad thoughts in the past but I’m back on my anti-depressants for the time being and I’ve been doing really well with taking care of myself and such. Today started off a little rough, but I expected it. Hopefully I’ll be back to functioning correctly in the next few days.

Until then…

Love and Hugs,

Fast Update

I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long.
Grandpa’s finally been diagnosed. Stage 4 Lung Cancer, which is why it was so hard to find out where the cancer started as it’s already spreading. Grandma put him on Hospice. Doctor says he probably has 2-6 months left.
I’m not taking it well. I have a headache that won’t go away and have been sleeping a lot.
This isn’t easy for me, and I hope you all understand why I’m absent and can just be patient with me.
I want to stream but I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to do so with how I’ve currently been doing. I have to work sometime before the month’s end though, as I’m behind on my bills.
We’ll have to see how the next few days go for me hopefully I’ll be doing better and back to streaming really soon.

Again, I’m sorry I’ve been gone or not answering messages.
This is just all super rough for me.

I hope you all can forgive me.

I’m sorry…

If I don’t talk to you guys before the holidays, I hope you all have a good one.

Love and hugs,

A Change To Drive-Thru Streams Rules and Sketch Stream Rules

Hey guys,

It has come to my attention that my Drive-Thru streams have been a little slower than usual, and I’m normally drawing for the same people each stream. So I’ve thought up a way to combat that, since I know there are a lot more people wanting Drive-Thru orders, but can’t get them due to the same people lurking in the streams and snatching up the spots as soon as I begin. I’ve come to realize this is very unfair, especially since I now give myself a schedule that I stick by.

With that being said, you can read the changes below. This is how things will be handled for a little, at least until we figure out if this is going to work out well and give me more time/slots for you guys!

  1. From now on, if you had a Drive-Thru commission done during the last stream, you will have to wait till others get a chance to get a slot first. Since there are a limited amount of slots in high demand, this is really the only way I can try to make it fair for everyone as much as possible.
  2. Drive-Thru drawings will no longer be inked, instead they will be clean sketches. This will save on time so that I can have more slots during the stream to get around to more people.
  3. Prices will be CHEAPER! Since I’ll be cutting out the inking option and cutting out the inking step of all Drive-Thru commission they will all be cheaper since I don’t have to spend such a huge amount of time doing the inking.

Let me know what you guys think about it. I hope these ideas will work out so that I can cater to more people and hopefully have a good number of people leaving the stream with a piece of art they will enjoy!

Now that I’ve gone through those new changes I’d also like to put into writing a rule for all streams that went unspoken up until now.

As you all know I don’t take payment for the stream commission until it is your turn in the stream. With that being said, BE PRESENT IN THE STREAM. I’ve had trouble with so many people leaving and not answering me when I’m trying to contact them for their turn. If you’re not going to be present at least till it’s your turn, don’t take a slot. It’s fine to tab off and look around the web and play video games and such (I mean, I’m not your boss, so do as you will) but please pay attention to your messages on DA, Eka’s, FurAffinity (or wherever you messaged me at about your commission) or at least pay attention to the stream.
From now on there will be no “Oh I’ll give them 10 more minutes” *10 minutes pass* “Oh I’ll give them 5 more”. If you don’t answer promptly, you will be removed from the list and your slot will be open for another to take. I do this out of fairness to everyone else, nobody wants to wait around for 30 minutes while the next person in line is goofing off elsewhere.

So please, if you sign up for a slot, pay attention and be ready to pay for your slot. Please, not just for me but for your fellow watchers.


Other than the above updates, I hope you all are doing well and are having a good time leading up to the holidays.

Thank you all for reading,

Love and hugs,


Finally Got Updates

So I’ve finally gotten updates about the rest of my family. And while it’s not super awesome news, it’s still rather good news… or at least I think so?

My grandpa is out of the hospital. He’s now at home but he’s on oxygen permanently, has a catheter, and has to use a walker around the home and a wheelchair when out and about. He’s also lost too much weight so now he has to eat a whole lot to try to get back up to where they want him. My grandma says he has color back in his face and he’s looking a lot better than before he went in. Unfortunately he does have cancer, they are still screening him to find out what kind of cancer it is. Hopefully we will know soon and get treatment started.

My grandma is also out of the hospital but she’s in a nursing home for some occupational and physical therapy. She’s very confused and really doesn’t want to do therapy, she just wants to go home (she has Alzheimer’s and is in the middle stages which is why she’s having so much trouble with all this) Her leg is still swollen and is still getting worse though, but hopefully they’ll be able to find something to start treating it very soon.

I know all of this doesn’t mean they’re out of the woods yet and I’m afraid that even with treatment my grandpa may not last too much longer. My grandma seems to be putting up a pretty good fight still though, and her body may continue on but her mind is slipping rather rapidly from what I’ve been told.

Also I have decided not to attend the funeral for my Father’s Girlfriend’s Mother. It’s not that I don’t want to be there, I just don’t want to put myself in that place again until I 100% need to. The family understands my choice and is completely alright with it. They know I cared very deeply for my Adopted Grandmother (for a lack of better titles) and that it’s probably best for my own mental state if I sit this sort of stuff out.

Thank you to everyone who has read these past few journals and has given their good wishes and prayers to myself and my family. We all greatly appreciate your kindness. And thank you all for being patient with me. While I have been attempting to work on commissions it seems as though life has a nasty habit of pelting me with difficult situations. I will need time to heal from this, but I am by no means planning on going on a hiatus or ignoring attempts to communicate with me. Being alone is probably the last thing I need right now, I get more than enough alone time when trying to sleep too much more than that and I may throw myself back into a dark place, which is the last thing any of us want. Thankfully a lot of you guys, my room mates, my family, my friends, and my boyfriend is helping to keep me distracted as well as listening to me and comforting me when needed. So thank you all who have eagerly messaged me to ensure I am alright, I greatly appreciate your concern and I’ll try to keep up with any messages I get along the line so.

Thank you again…

Love and Hugs,


Rather Unexpected Bad News

So I just got news that my Dad’s Girlfriend’s Mother just passed… She was a really great woman who loved me and my siblings very much, despite the fact that we were not her biological grandchildren. Mind you I only knew her for a few years, but she was still very kind to me and made an impact on my life… She will be missed greatly…

I’m going to try my best to work through this but… as you can tell… This month is the month of bad news. I’m only hoping I can get some more good news very soon…

October Stream Schedule


I’ve posted my streaming schedule on my website for this month. I would have done so sooner had I not ended up with a buttload of stuff hitting me at the beginning of the month.
Of course with current conditions, all dates and times are open to change if something were to happen (with my family situation and whatnot) but as of right now this is the set in stone stuff.

And yes as you can see I do have end times. And once it is time for me to end the stream I will be doing so as soon as possible. I will try my best to gauge my time and not take any commissions I know will dump me far past my ending time.
I know I normally just stream till I’m done, but I really need to stop this, not only is it making my sleep schedule all crazy but it’s also making me feel so very disorganized. On nights I stream super late I end up not getting some other important things done, and that’s not good (like eating, showering, doing chores, etc.)

So to try to organize my life and balance my work and ‘free time’ I’m just going to establish an end time and see how things go.

Also as some of you can see I have a Private Stream for my Patrons on Patreon. The day before Halloween I will be having a Private Patrons Only Stream where I will be drawing one giant Halloween picture of my characters and 1 OC from each Patron (Patrons with pledges $50+ will be allowed 2 OCs)! Your character(s) will be drawn in a costume of your choice in a group picture. And before anyone asks THIS WILL NOT BE A PRIVATE DRAWING so if you don’t want your character shared with the world, don’t ask me to draw them.
(Also note that if you pull a dick move and become a patron just to get into the stream and get a free drawing then cancel your pledge… I can and will ban you from ALL streams in the future as well as remove you as a patron every time you try to pledge. Seriously… just don’t be a dick okay? I run these sorts of things for the people who actually care, if you’ve just in it for free art work, be patient and wait for a request stream at least then you aren’t forced to have a Halloween Themed piece of art.)

Thank you guys for reading and I hope to see you all there!

Love and Hugs,

Bad News Tornado Inbound (Updates)

So I’m back home again with a lot of updates!

My sister: So I went a little early to stay with my sister before her surgery. It wasn’t a pleasant stay as her house smelled like dog and… a recreational smell, if you will that, I can only compare to skunk ass (and it gives me horrible cough fits and headaches and I want nothing to do with it ever.) But I tolerated  everything during my stay even though I didn’t approve of anything that was going on in her house. Friday came and we were up incredibly early (5:30am to be exact) and I got her up to the hospital. They took her in almost right away to get her x-rays done so they could find the location of the stone. After almost an hour I get a phone call at the front desk from my sister’s nurse who told me they were doing a CT Scan as the x-rays weren’t showing the stone. So I sit for another almost 20 minutes until a nurse came to get me and take me back to sit with my sister while they got the medication started for the surgery. As soon as I got to the back my sister says “Well, I passed the stone on my own, the nurse is coming in now to remove my IV and we’re going home” At first I thought they may have started the medicine already and she was just being crazy, but that wasn’t the case, the nurse came in and took her IV out and gave her back her clothes and such.
I’m rather relieved that my sister didn’t need the surgery and that she’s now feeling a lot better. I just hope that she can manage to find a way to avoid getting another kidney stone in the near future.

My grandma: So the surgery was a success… at first. However on the 10th my aunt updated me saying that my grandma’s leg had swollen up again and is infected. My grandma hasn’t tried to get up since having her surgery like she was before (she has Alzheimer’s and she’s pretty far in with it as well, to the point where she hardly knows her own name from my understanding) her peacefulness, while good for her swollen leg, may not actually be a good thing. The doctor seems to think she has an aggressive form of large cell Non Hodgkin Lymphoma, if that’s the case they will be treating it with chemo as they have been with the Polycythemia that I just learned my grandma has.
Right now, nobody really knows what to expect in the coming weeks for my grandma. I just hope I can hear some form of news soon so I know whether to breathe a sigh of relief or to prepare myself for rough news.

My grandpa: I haven’t gotten any updates on him other than he’s still in the hospital and that he’s being scanned for lung cancer. I think out of everyone I’ve been worrying about, he’s probably the one that’s been bothering me the most. For the record, if he does have cancer I can’t say I’m surprised, he worked for a steel mill for the majority of his life and has asbestos in his lungs. Knowing that doesn’t make this any less difficult. Of all my family, my grandpa is the person I love the most (That’s not to say I don’t love the rest of the family, I just… I’m a Grandpa’s Girl is all) if he passes… it’s going to be the hardest hit to me yet. I’m trying to mentally prepare myself if things do go south… but I’m afraid no amount of mental preparation will manage to get me through this unharmed. I know that nobody can live forever, but I just hoped my grandpa would have been around to see my kids someday but I know this wish is near impossible at this point.

I know some of you are probably worried about me at this point. And I won’t lie to you all, I have been having a very rough time. Depression has me staying up later and then staying in bed longer when I finally do manage to silence my thoughts and fall asleep. My room mates have to remind me to eat otherwise I won’t because I don’t feel hungry. And to top it all off I’m still pretty sick and still don’t have medicine to deal with the cold. I ordered some organic medicine to give a shot (it’s an Elderberry Syrup) and while it says it’s been delivered to my house, I still haven’t gotten it DX
I know I could start taking my Zoloft at any point (I still have 2 months worth) but I don’t want to have to resort to that just yet, I guess because I know I’ll really need them if something bad happens.
I will be okay though, I just need time. I’m going to try to get my sleep schedule back to something reasonable (with the help of my good friend Melatonin) Once I get things straightened out I will start doing live streams again.
I’ve been doing some work on commissions to try to help me get my mind off things, but I have to work in little steps with frequent breaks to play some form of video game (one that will actually require me to think, unfortunately right now a silent mind doesn’t stay silent for long and the monsters start to spark bad ideas up there and well… we don’t want that… their ideas are rather self destructive and I don’t need that negativity in my life)

Like I said, things are rough and a little scary, but I’ll pull through. I have to carry on.

Thank you guys again for being so patient with me at this time. I know all of the above isn’t what most people want to hear, and I know some people where really looking forward to some good news (as was I) but things are what they are and I just have to try to hold on for the ride.

Well, I better attempt to make sleep. I’m not at all tired but I’m sure that can easily be fixed with a little white pill and a warm shower. Goodnight everyone.

Love and Hugs,