About Rose/ F.A.Q.

 Name: Rose

 Age: 26 years old

 Birthday: March 1st

 Gender: Female (Duh)

 Location: Central US

 When did you start drawing fetish art? 
In April 2013. And in August 2015 I began working full time as a fetish artist.

 Do you like any other fetish stuff besides vore? 
Indeed! I like a lot more stuff than just vore. I am also a huge fan of bulging bellies (from more than just a vorish encounter), thigh high stockings, size play/size difference, large insertion, and tentacles :3

 How did you get into Vore?
It started when I stumbled upon some of Aesir‘s work (back when Aesir was TifaLover) I didn’t have a name for it and I didn’t feel comfortable talking to anyone about it, so I just stored it in the back of my mind and tried to forget about it. Years later and I was reintroduced to vore through my friend. He finally gave my curious kink a name and later helped me gather the courage to post my first picture to the community. Without him, I probably wouldn’t be here today, but I’m glad things worked out the way they did because I’m now part of a pretty awesome community and have made a lot of wonderful friends!

 What is your favorite thing about Vore?
Seeing the prey’s feet (preferably sock clad ;D) sticking out of the pred’s mouth and the big bellies after a nice meal! Also belly noises, now I’m not much of a prey, but I love laying down with my romantic parner to listen to their stomach growl, it’s rather comforting.

 What does Vore mean to you?
Vore is something that I find more romantic and comedic. Romantic because it is pretty much the ultimate closeness. Comedic because I am Rose the Shoe Snatcher, I love to draw funny little comics about my shoe snatching adventures!

 Are you a pred, prey, switch, or observer?
Personally if I like to think of myself as a pred. However I am guilty of liking myself being prey to quite a few people XD. So I guess you could say… Switch?

 Do you Role Play?
This is a question I get asked A LOT, I do not role play, please respect that.

 “Will you eat me?” “I bet you can’t eat me!” *smothers self in jelly* “I bet I’m super tasty!”
Now… If you are asking this question and are wanting to commission me eating you (or your character), by all means, I would love to eat you!
However if this is you trying to get me to RP with you, I make it very obvious that I do not RP, please stop.

 “ILOVEYOU” “Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend” “Marry me!?!?1” “Can we date?”
Hey I just met you… and this is crazy… so NO! *Insert Grumpy Cat Face Here*
But on a serious note, I am in a very happy relationship. So no… no I won’t do any of those things with you. Sorry fam.

 Do you do Requests?
Drawing is my full time job, it is how I pay my bills and keep my fridge stocked, therefore if I draw for free it means that I may have to go without eating or paying one of my bills. I love drawing for people, and if I could do it for free without any negative impact to my wallet, I would in a heart beat. But unfortunately we all have to eat, artists included. So no, I don’t do requests unless it is one of my Request Live Streams.

 What equipment do you use for drawing and writing?
Currently I use a Xp-Pen Artist Display 12 Pro paired with Photoshop.
For writing, I normally just start in a notebook with pencil (because pens are too permanent and I end up with scribbles all over the place!) then I just type it into Google Docs to spell check and stuff, then I copy it to my art sites!

Please feel free to drop me a message and say hello! I like to think I’m a friendly person, but I’m not very good at starting conversations, it’s weird I know DX

If you’re looking to commission me, all information can be found on my Commission Info page.